The Three Smartest Strategies for Building a Web Sales Presence- and Organizing It

bullet imagebullet imageBuilding a web presence takes sales, and it takes a lot more than making a great product and hoping people find it in the vast spread of the web. It takes a determined and conscious effort to consistently build and grow, and that can only be accomplished through tools and innovation. Below are three key strategies to making more raw sales online. This includes building multiple sales funnels, or channels, as well as obtaining an inventory system to keep sales properly allocated and tracked.

Multiple Channels

Savvy business-minded individuals are always shocked by how many web retailers only have their product available on their main website. The product could be amazing, but so many people will never find it if it is not available in multiple channels. Web sales companies must have sources through the entire spectrum. Use the main website, and try to bring traffic there. But, do not shut out sources such as Ebay and Amazon. These are the kingpins of web sales, and they get millions of hits every single day. Also do not forget small channels, such as independent sellers. They may help provide traffic to the main site, and they deliver opportunities for crossovers and collaborations. Use Magento,, and other less popular industry members to propel sales.

Get a Software Inventory Organizer

The second multiple sales begin from multiple sources, the ball will continue rolling. These sales must be tracked logically. Sources such as KHAOS Control are aptly titled. They deliver a system that small businesses can use to track all the various sources without being overwhelmed. Visit for more on the software’s specifics.

Build a Team to Ground Sell

A single YouTube video may get one million views. That means the website got one million hits, right? It does not work like that for a variety of reasons. One is that web sales are harder to receive when they remain through the web exclusively. Try to build a following in the local community. Get on the ground and make connections with people. That will drive traffic to the site in a small way. But, the ratio between those visits and sales will be very high, as opposed to users who find a nice video- and immediately click away.

The above three strategies will help build a great foundation. Visit the KHAOS Control official website at for more on inventory tracking, and build a smart system that relies on many channels.